Electric Equipment

Taylor Northeast is home to the best battery-powered material handling, industrial cleaning equipment, railcar movers and more.

Taylor Northeast is ready for the future of the material handling industry. That’s why we’re one of the leading suppliers of electric forklifts, platform trucks, utility vehicles, electric railcar movers, loaded container handlers, and much more.

We are charging ahead with dozens of electric and battery-powered vehicles and machines from industry leaders like Taylor Machine Works, UniCarriers, Big Joe, Hangcha and Elwell-Parker as well as UTVs and personnel carriers from Columbia, Cushman, and Motrec.

We also carry specialized equipment like all-electric railcar movers from Zephir and the T2E electric terminal tractor from Kalmar Ottawa.

Electric Forklifts and Stackers

Taylor Northeast carries a massive selection of battery-powered electric forklifts and stackers from UniCarriers, Big Joe, Bendi, Drexel, and Landoll in a wide range of capacities and applications. Electric forklifts produce no emissions and are much quieter than combustion engine forklifts, making them better for the environment and the health of your workers. Electric engines also have fewer moving parts, allowing for less maintenance and lower lifetime ownership costs.

Electric Intermodal and Port Equipment

Taylor Machine Works is the industry leader in producing the best heavy-duty forklifts and container handling equipment. That is why you can find Taylor trucks in many of the busiest ports and container terminals in the world. The ZH Series of electric forklifts and the ZLC Series of electric container handlers are a brand new generation of zero-emission lift trucks. These rugged, high-capacity machines are 100% electric, making them environmentally friendly without sacrificing the power your workplace needs.

Electric Yard Trucks

We are proud to offer the Kalmar Ottawa T2E electric terminal tractor through our H&K Equipment Group partner, Yard Truck Specialists. Known throughout North America and beyond, Kalmar Ottawa is the recognized leader in yard trucks, and this all-electric addition to the popular T2 Series is providing a jolt to the industry.

Its electric powertrain is quieter and produces zero emissions, making the T2E cleaner and greener than the compeition.

Electric Platform Trucks and Die Handlers

The Elwell-Parker brand represents 130 years of innovative electric lifting solutions. That century-plus of experience is inside every Elwell-Parker lift truck and is the reason why these machines are far and away the most rugged, efficient, and longest-lasting in their class. Taylor Northeast offers parts, service, and rebuilds for the entire history of Elwell-Parker equipment, including platform trucks, die handlers, battery-powered forklifts, coil ram tractors, and automated guided vehicles.

Electric Personnel and Utility Vehicles

Taylor Northeast is your home for Columbia, Cushman, and Motrec personnel carriers, utility vehicles, and other specialized warehouse equipment. These leading brands offer a wide selection of electric vehicles for indoor and outdoor applications and have a unmatched track record for quality and dependability. These battery-powered vehicles will increase productivity in your workplace. Many are available in custom builds and configurations to fit your unique application.

Electric Railcar Movers

Zephir has been the premier name for electric railcar movers in the European market for over four decades, and now these machines are available in North America. We are proud to be able to now offer our customers the the CRAB E and LOK E lines of Zephir electric railcar movers. Get the strength you need in a greener, cleaner and more versatile package. These battery-powered railcars don’t skimp on shunting power and are ideal for indoor and outdoor operation thanks to their zero emissions and low noise.  

Forklift and Industrial Batteries and Charging

You can’t run electric forklifts without a good, dependable battery that won’t let you down when you need it most. That’s why Taylor Northeast customizes all forklift and industrial battery solutions to our customer’s specific needs. It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment fleet you run, what duty cycles you have, or space limitations you face, Taylor Northeast has a power solution that will work for you. We carry Stromcore lithium-ion batteries as well as the complete catalog of EnerSys and Deka industrial batteries.


The workplace can get messy. Let Taylor Northeast help you clean it up. When it’s time to make your floors shine, no one gets it done like battery-powered Nilfisk-Advance industrial floor sweepers and scrubbers. These versatile machines are perfect for every application, from high-traffic grocery stores, to dusty warehouses, to busy mills. But Taylor Northeast provides more than just the machine — we have detergents for any floor type and a wide range of polishing attachments, brushes, and squeegees. We’ll even train you on the machine. Whatever floor you have, our equipment can clean it.

The Electric Solution

Explore all the electric material handling equipment options that will future-proof your operations while improving your bottom line today. Call Taylor Northeast’s experts at 1-800-762-2500 or click the button below to learn more.